Royalty Hairextensions choose only for untreated 100% natural hair.

This by us carefully selected Remy Double Drawn Hair wefts are of sublime qualityt. (Non Tangles, Non fluff, Non color decay)

The trendy and fashion conscious women of today therefor choose for a hassle-free comfort with Royalty Hairextensions & Wefts.


Royalty Hairextensions only chooses untreated 100% natural Hair.

These carefully selected Remy Hair Extensions (0.9 grams) in bundles of 25 pieces are of sublime quality. (no tangles, no fluff, no color loss)

The trendy and fashion conscious woman of today opts for a carefree wearing comfort with Royalty Hairextensions.

Dear Customer,

because of the carnival the orders of 24 Febr. to 5 March

will be delivered with delay will 1a of 2days. 

Of course we do our best to send your order as soon as possible.

We thank you for understanding.