915 Honey Blonde Handtied Weft /Weave
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Handtied Weft with folding end, 20 grams per bundle band width ┬▒ 30 Cm. 2 bundles wefts from 20 gram each, total 40 grams, Price per 40 gram.
Hand-tied hair with folding end, ideal for people with fine to thin hair.
A folding end is easy to fold in half, without thickening at the end (folding point). 

Cutting is possible, but sealing (glue) without proper knowledge of the ends is not recommended.

Finest Quality, Double Drawn Remy Hair, 20 grams per bundle, bandwidth  ± 30 Cm.
(100 - 120  grams is a complete extension of normal hair in the length 45 cm.)

These hairs are almost all of the same length, there are almost no short hairs in them, 45 cm is therefore effectively 45 cm.

These hairs are of sublime quality and can be attached by several techniques (Micro-rings, keratin-wax, braid and stitching African style) and can be reused several times.



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