Below you will find a selection of tips and guidelines to care for and maintain the purchased extensions for your customer as well as possible:

Before placing extensions/micro-rings, wash the hair thoroughly with deep cleansing shampoo, so that all built-up residues of used products are removed, so that good adhesion is obtained.

Do not wash the hair for at least 24 hours after placing the extensions or wefts, in order to allow the boundings to harden properly.

Brush the hair well at least 2 times a day with an extension brush. Never go to sleep with wet hair, to prevent the hair from tangling.

It is recommended to make a loose braid or tail before going to sleep, preferably with a foam elastic, this does not leave any marks.

Swimming, sauna? Yes you can, but always tie the hair up (Knot), so that it comes into contact with chlorine or salt water as little as possible.
These are very harmful to the hair.

Always be careful with Sunscreen, Jacuzzi, Waterslides, Wave Pools etc. The bubbling water and chemicals can cause heavy tangles and discoloration. Extensions and wefts need extra care because they do not get this via the sebaceous glands, so you have to feed it yourself.

We recommend only professional care products, which contain the right ingredients to keep the hair in good condition.

Mild shampoo for gentle cleansing of the hair.

Conditioner for daily use.

Mask for weekly cure.

Heat protection serum from blow dryer, curling iron and straightener to be used before styling and then as a finish for extra shine to prevent frizz.

Never apply serum, conditioner or mask on top of your scalp, the boundings and/or on the ring, only on the lengths and points.

Styling the hair can be done with a hair dryer, curling iron, straightener etc. Be careful with the heat elements deform or melt wax boundings, never higher than 180°C, higher can damage the hair. Always apply serum (Heat-protection) before styling, the serum protects the hair against the heat of devices.

Never wash the hair upside down e.g. bent over in the bath or shower. The water should always flow from root to tip, e.g. standing in the shower or like in the hairdresser's sink.

Be careful with Silver shampoo, this can cause discoloration in the Rooth-color.